Dubsado courses, setup, workflows, & training along with tips for running your service-based business efficiently.
Dubsado Rockstar is your step by step course to setup and use Dubsado

The step-by-step course that shows you how to use Dubsado, rock your workflow automation, upsell your services, and keep clients on schedule.


Running a service-based business can be an emotional roller coaster.

  • You get excited for new leads, but dread all the time and effort it takes to book and onboard new clients.

  • Being boss gives you freedom, but wearing so many hats gives you stress and anxiety.

  • Your clients are lovely, but they deplete your creative energy with constant messages, incomplete assignments, and late payments.

  • Admin tasks don’t cost money, but they cost you time — and you want to increase your profits without increasing hours.

  • You couldn’t live without email, but your inbox is a trap of frustration and disorganized to-do list.



You want more of the highs and less of the lows.

  • You want to create proposals in less than 5 minutes and effortlessly onboard clients.

  • You want to clock out on time and relax, while automation takes care of your clients.

  • You want to create better boundaries and experiences, so clients complete their assignments on time and refer you like raving fans.

  • You want to grow your business and decrease your admin tasks.

  • You want to get out of your inbox, move forward, and feel accomplished each day.

    You need a better system.


So you turned to Dubsado for help.

The all-in-one client management app is packed with helpful features. You can:

  • Let clients self-schedule appointments.

  • Create forms that capture everything you need.

  • Have proposals auto-generate details on contracts and invoices.

  • Enjoy built-in organization: store emails and manage your sales pipeline.

  • Set up recurring invoices, payment plans, and receive payment.

  • Build automated workflows.

  • House time-saving templates: canned emails, packages, and more.

  • Send automated reminders for appointments, forms, and invoices.

  • Allow tips for your outstanding work.

  • Brand it all to your business.

  • And so much more.

You’ve found the just the tool you need.


But now you’re in trouble.

You don’t understand all of Dubsado’s features, how to use them, and why some things aren’t working how you want.

You know you need tech support.

Here’s the problem though:

Tech won’t solve all of your issues.

You also need to know…

  • What your workflows are and how to use Dubsado to reach your goals.

  • How to optimize your business with organization, templates, and automation.

  • How to use Dubsado to make clients extra easy to work with and refer you to their friends.

    You truly need help with tech and strategy.


Enter: Dubsado Rockstar

The course that breaks down Dubsado how-to and workflow strategy into bite-size pieces.

Website_ Rockstar Sales Page-min.jpg

 Whether you’re an overwhelmed Dubsado beginner who feels lost in the software

or a fairly confident user who hasn’t felt Dubsado’s business-altering magic,

Dubsado Rockstar is designed to help you.

 Why Dubsado Rockstar is the solution…….

strategy and dubsado doesn’t have to be overwhelming

Frances Cromwell, Dubsado user.
Because of Rae’s guidance with setting up my workflows, I’m more confident than ever that it’s set up in the most efficient way. I’ve been able to “set it and forget it” and not have to worry about it. Dubsado has been a life saver for me and Rae helped me do that. I couldn’t have done it without her!
— Frances Cromwell, Frances Cromwell Accounting

I was bootstrapping my business, but my it was moving faster than I could keep up with. I made the decision to work with Productive Co. and I’m so glad I did. Rae’s completely transformed my business!
— Mikala Wilson, A Golden Affair
Mikala Wilson, Dubsado user.

With Dubsado Rockstar, you get:

Workflow Magic mockup.
Workflow Magic workbook mockup.
Dubsado workflow template mockup.

Immediate access to the course

On-demand text and video training that takes you step-by-step through both Dubsado tech and workflow strategy.

Sample workflow templates

9 general workflow templates, so you don’t have to plan your workflows from scratch.

Plug & play canned emails you can copy

Expedite your setup with canned emails I’ve written for you.

In-depth coverage of workflow automation

Everything you want to know about workflows in bite-size pieces.

Pro Dubsado tips

Take your Dubsado account to the next level with little-known top tips.

Sanity-saving client management tips

Use Dubsado to create better boundaries, get homework and payment quickly, and reduce unnecessary emails.

An image size guide & form styling codes

You can have both brains and beauty with Dubsado. Let your brand stand out with perfect images and forms every time.

A tutorial for using Dubsado with QuickBooks, Wave, & Xero

Finally understand how to use Dubsado in partnership with any 3rd party accounting tool.

Support from your instructor, Rae Targos

I genuinely want you to rock your workflows and run your business more smoothly. I’ll check in with you throughout the course!

Updates for the life of the course

Get access to the latest updates and improvements at no additional charge.


 Become a Dubsado Rockstar.



Immediate access to the course

9 sample workflow templates

Canned emails you can copy

Sanity-saving client management tips

Image size guide & form styling codes

Using Dubsado with QuickBooks, Wave, & Xero tutorial

2 monthly payments of...



Immediate access to the course

9 sample workflow templates

Canned emails you can copy

Sanity-saving client management tips

Image size guide & form styling codes

Using Dubsado with QuickBooks, Wave, & Xero tutorial

1 payment of...


OMG, Rae just made me the happiest woman ever. This course is awesome!

I don’t know how many times I’ve struggled with trying to figure out some parts of Dubasdo — Rae’s a GODSEND!!! I was always trying to build things the other way around!
— Stephanie Markou, My Soul Essentials

Hot diggity dog! Rae’s like Wonder Woman when it comes to Dubsado. The only thing I wish I had done differently was hire her the moment I started my business.
— Caroline Peterson, Not Your Average Gal

Dubsado Rockstar covers tech & strategy to make running your business easier with Dubsado.

Here’s a snapshot of some the topics covered in the course:

Learn the key fundamentals of Dubsado.

Dubsado Fundamentals

Workflow automation.

Workflow Automation

Client portals.

Client Portals

Lead management in your sales pipeline.

Sales Funnel Tracking

Package your service offerings.

Upselling Packages

Canned emails to save you from recreating the wheel each time.

Quick Canned Emails

Keep track of your projects with task boards.

Easy Task Management

Let your clients self-scheduler with the Dubsado scheduler.

Simple Self-Scheduling

E-sign your contracts and create beautifully branded forms.

Smart Proposals & Forms

Track your referral sources.

Referral Tracking

Receive money through Dubsado and gently remind your clients they have upcoming payments due.

Helpful Payments Plans

effortless onboarding

Effortless Onboarding

Track your time.

Time Tracking

Learn how to send invoices and set up recurring invoices.

Invoicing & Auto-Payment

Improve your business with better client management.

Personalized Automation

Client boundaries and deadlines.

Deadlines & Boundaries

Initially, I was hesitant to make the investment, but it was worth every penny and more. I thought I was just getting tech support for Dubsado, but the results go far beyond that.

My work-life balance has improved because my systems are more efficient and I can serve my clients even better now! If you use or have thought about using Dubsado, Rae is your woman!
— Tiffany Neuman, The Influencer Leap

Rae is an excellent teacher who truly cares about helping her students. Her course structure is clear and concise and she really knows Dubsado inside and out! I had no idea Dubsado had so many tools to improve my efficiency and keep my projects on schedule.
— Katie Price, Priceless Design
Katie Price from Priceless Design shares her Dubsado Rockstar testimonial.

Workflows have you stuck in a rut?

Don’t know what your workflows are?

Don’t know how many workflows you have?

Wondering how this workflows thing works?

Unsure if updating one workflow will update others?

Not sure how to use workflows with customized services?

Questioning if all clients have to go through workflows?

Wondering what to do when a client leaves a workflow?

I’ve laid it all out for you in Dubsado Rockstar.

Workflow Magic icon for Dubsado workflows course.

Have you ever asked yourself…

How do I know what templates I need?

You might think you can only make a few templates, but that’s not true. My simple method shows you all the templates you can have. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Why are my clients duplicating in Dubsado?

Ah yes, this is a common user error. I share best practices and the ways clients can effortlessly enter themselves into Dubsado, so you have less data entry.

How do I track referrals, add discounts, or use the client portal?

“How can multiple clients sign the same contract? What are statuses and tags? Do clients see everything in the portal? Oh my!” It’s all inside.

How do I use Dubsado’s inbox?

Don’t you worry. We’ll kick the inbox confusion to the curb.


Or maybe you’ve wondered…

How am I supposed to create payment plans when the end date is unknown?

There’s an easy fix. This one’s for you, photographers and designers. You’ll be happy to have this trick in your back pocket.

When should I use task boards vs. workflows?

“What are task boards and workflows anyways? What’s the difference?” They serve different purposes and functions. I teach you how to benefit from both.

How do I know which software to use and when?

Unsure of what Dubsado can do? Wondering if you need to get start using Asana, Mailchimp, etc? Not sure how these are different from Dubsado? I’m here for you.

Can I benefit from Dubsado when my services are custom?

Absolutely. I show you how to take advantage of workflow automation and quickly create custom proposals, contracts, and invoices in less than 5 minutes.


 All of these questions and More, answered.

It’s all neatly bundled up in Dubsado Rockstar.


Everything you need at your fingertips.


Take a peek at the modules you’ll get:

  1. Introduction to Dubsado & Workflows

  2. Client Portals, Projects, & Referral Tracking

  3. Packages, Discounts, Payment Schedules, & Invoicing

  4. Forms & Emails

  5. Scheduling & Time Tracking

  6. Funnels, Statuses, Tags, Reporting, & Task Boards

  7. Workflows

Tips for reducing your workload and keeping clients on schedule are built into each module.

 Become a Dubsado Rockstar.



Immediate access to the course

9 sample workflow templates

Canned emails you can copy

Sanity-saving client management tips

Image size guide & form styling codes

Using Dubsado with QuickBooks, Wave, & Xero tutorial

2 monthly payments of



Immediate access to the course

9 sample workflow templates

Canned emails you can copy

Sanity-saving client management tips

Image size guide & form styling codes

Using Dubsado with QuickBooks, Wave, & Xero tutorial

1 payment of


Connie Holen from Pixality Designs shares how Productive Co. helped her with Dubsado.
I needed strategy, and I couldn’t find anyone else offering that. Rae’s a great teacher and knows the ins and outs of Dubsado.

My Aha! moment was learning I didn’t have to automate everything in a workflow. That was making me nervous!
— Connie Holen, Pixality Design

I knew my client management was in safe hands with Rae. She not only understands the technical aspects of Dubsado, but the soft skill of client experience. As a service-based business owner, streamlining my client workflows is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. Thanks Rae!
— Heather Crabtree, The Savvy Community
Heather Crabtree’s testimonials on Productive Co.’s Dubsasdo setup.

Ginger from Chalk.Ink.Style’s Productive Co. testimonial.
I wouldn’t have been able to get my workflows set up without Rae. She explained things in a way that was easy to understand and helped me finally create workflows I had been struggling with for months.
— Ginger Herr, Chalk.Ink.Style

Case Study

Dubsado helped Mariah scale to $100k per year.

Mariah’s graphic design business was operating at max capacity…at least she felt maxed out.

Even though she raised her prices and reduced her client load, she found herself exhausted holding it all together. Admin work was weighing her down.

Sifting through emails to find tasks. Waiting a week to receive a reply. Losing an hour to write a proposal. It took a lot of effort to make a little progress on each project. Sound familiar?

Mariah used my methods to define her ideal system, create templates for every step of her services, and tie it all together with Dubsado’s workflow automation.

Within weeks, Mariah felt relief. Her solid client management system not only improved her client experience, but also her experience as a business owner.

My simple techniques took Mariah’s Dubsado account to the next level. She’s been able to take on more clients, complete projects faster, raise her prices again, and grow her business — all while reducing admin tasks.

Dubsado setup has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business! Rae taught me how to use Dubsado in a simple and easy manner and has saved me so much time in my daily business tasks.
— Mariah Althoff, Mariah Althoff Design

I’m your instructor, Rae Targos.

I’ll show you how to use Dubsado to boost your efficiency & reduce stress.

Savvy systems are my “thing.” Templates, color-coded labels, & automation just light me up (and make me drool).

With a masters degree in operations management, I’ve fine-tuned my skills inside Morgan Stanley-Smith Barney, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and the luxury yachting industry.

I now help small business owners set up and use Dubsado to improve their efficiency and experience at Productive Co. My clients quickly master Dubsado’s tech and remove frustrating bottlenecks.

I’ve helped over 150 business owners revamp their client management with simple techniques I’ve tested over 3 years. Now, I’ve bundled up what you need to get results in Dubsado Rockstar.

Get ready to slide past Dubsado’s learning curve and start experiencing its full magic. I can’t wait to see you light up, too.

Dubsado specialist, Rae Targos.

Productive Co.’s been featured in Horkey Handbook.
Productive Co.’s been featured in The Savvy Community.
Productive Co.’s been featured in Dubsado!
Productive Co.’s been featured in The Virtual Savvy.
Productive Co.’s been featured in Brittany Berger’s Work Brighter.
My desire was for Dubsado to free me up from repetitive tasks (emails, manual scheduling, etc.) and allow me to work ON my business vs. IN my business. But I needed help with Dubsado.

Rae’s approach to teaching is great for anyone who wants to master Dubsado in a really granular, easy to understand way. I really enjoy her enthusiasm and she can turn any concept into easily digestible pieces.
— Marcus Hoffman, Marcus Roy Hoffman Photography

Rae is a fabulous resource for Dubado support. She holds your hand and walks you through the entire process.
— Nicole Begley, Hair of the Dog Blog & Academy

Why did I create this course?

I was once stuck with Dubsado, too.

I didn’t get my first workflow set up until I was 7 months in. Yes, 7. long. months.

Part of my problem was tech, but most of it was strategy. I didn’t know what my workflows were or what I wanted my system to be.

Because I’ve made every mistake in the book, I understand why you’re stuck.

I developed Dubsado Rockstar to solve those pain points.

You can expect:

  • An account full of time-saving templates and automation.

  • To use Dubsado with confidence.

  • Better experiences for your clients, but also for you.

  • Better flow between tasks and less admin.

  • The support you need without the expense of hiring an assistant because automation does it all for you.

Website_ Rockstar Sales Page (3).jpg

Better efficiency & cash flow.

Dubsado is a powerful asset when used correctly.

I’ll show you how to:

✓ Receive client homework on time and hassle-free, so projects (and Pay Day) stay on schedule.

✓ Reduce back and forth emails, so you can break free from your inbox.

✓ Effortlessly track invoices and diminish late payments.

✓ Assemble workflow automations that create convenience for yourself and excellent customer service for your clients.

✓ Politely upsell your services and automate personalized details on your contracts, forms, emails, and invoices.

✓ Get more referrals, more testimonials, and book recurring clients on autopilot, so you can spend more energy on earning & less on marketing.


Start a positive chain reaction.

Dubsado Rockstar has a ripple effect:

  • Create Savvy Workflows

    Build rockstar workflows in Dubsado with built-in organization, time-saving templates, and smart automation you control.

  • Book Clients More Easily

    Your convenient system will make it easy for leads to book you and stop shopping around. The early bird gets the worm.

  • Raise Your Prices

    Your VIP client experience will match the premium quality of your work. Raise your prices to reflect your high-end value.

  • Improved Client Boundaries & Experiences

    Enjoy working with clients without any “buts.” Your new system trains your clients to stay within scope, pay on time, and finish on time.

  • More Efficiency, Better Cash Flow

    Shorten project completion time (read: improve your cash flow) because unpaid admin tasks no longer consume your workday.

  • Testimonials & Referrals on Autopilot

    Your clients will create buzz around your brand, sharing testimonials and referrals, marketing on your behalf.

  • Shorten Your Workday or Take On Extra Clients

    Spend your freed up time however you wish, whether that’s taking on extra clients, shortening your workweek, or both.

You need Rae to show you how to use Dubsado now. She made learning the platform effortless and the boost in my productivity helped me replace my income before quitting my day job.
— Libby Rothschild, Dietitian Boss Podcast
Website_ Testimonial Headshots.png
I loved this course and the mix of presentation and screenshare tutorials. My account’s finally set up and I’m so much more confident using Dubsado already. I’m celebrating with champagne!
— Karen Vivarelli, Karen Vivarelli OBM
Wow! What a great experience. Rae knows Dubsado inside out and is a master of client management. I felt supported from start to finish. Highly recommend!
— Nicholette von Reiche, Nicholette Styles

 Become a Dubsado Rockstar.



Immediate access to the course

9 sample workflow templates

Canned emails you can copy

Sanity-saving client management tips

Image size guide & form styling codes

Using Dubsado with QuickBooks, Wave, & Xero tutorial

2 monthly payments of



Immediate access to the course

9 sample workflow templates

Canned emails you can copy

Sanity-saving client management tips

Image size guide & form styling codes

Using Dubsado with QuickBooks, Wave, & Xero tutorial

1 payment of



Is Dubsado Rockstar right for you?


Dubsado Rockstar is for YOU IF…

  • You are a solopreneur or service-based small business owner.

  • You offer event, retainer, or project-based services.

  • You offer set packages or custom-tailored services.

  • You are a Dubsado beginner or intermediate-level user.

  • You want to zip past Dubsado’s learning curve with expert help.

  • You want your workflows to be really helpful and attractive.



Dubsado rockstar’S NOT For you if…

  • You aren’t sure yet if you want to use Dubsado.

  • You are seeking 1:1 done-for-you setup.

  • You run a product-based business and do not offer services.

  • Client experience and efficiency aren’t important to you.

  • You don’t want to add templates or automation to your business.

Not for you X.

Why Dubsado Rockstar?

Carefully crafted to make workflows easy for you.

In Dubsado Rockstar, design your workflows & put them in Dubsado with:

  • A proven system beta tested and retested

  • Clearly organized lessons with action steps

  • 9 general sample workflow templates

  • Canned emails you can copy

  • Strategic tips to master your workflows, reduce admin, and create better clients

  • Lessons broken down into bize size pieces

And because I truly want you to experience the power of savvy workflows and Dubsado, I’m going to check in with you periodically and provide guidance when needed.

Yes, I’ll be checking in with you through the course.

Rockstar_ Sales Page.jpg
Rae’s the go-to gal for all things Dubsado. She’s organized, a great teacher, and makes learning fun!
— Jereshia Hawk, Services that Sell
Jereshia Hawk, Dubsado user.

Website_ Testimonial Headshots.png
Rae has been extremely valuable in helping me understand each Dubsado feature and how to apply them for my virtual assisting business. Without her help, I’d still be under-utilizing Dubsado.
— Christy Racho, Lumiera Solutions

How to access Dubsado Rockstar.

Workflow Magic step 1.

Step 1

Purchase Dubsado Rockstar through my safe and secure checkout.

Workflow Magic step 2.

Step 2

Look in your inbox for 2 emails: a receipt and your login credentials.

Workflow Magic step 3.

Step 3

Login to the course and begin building Dubsado at your own pace.

Workflow Magic money-back guarantee for Dubsado workflows course.

100% risk-free guarantee.

I believe Dubsado Rockstar is the best Dubsado course out there. It’s been tested and approved by students before you.

However, I want you to feel confident trying it out for yourself!

Dubsado Rockstar comes with a 100% risk-free guarantee.

If you complete all lessons, implement all assignments, and don’t feel more confident with Dubsado setup and use, let me know within 14 days of joining the course.

I’ll refund your payment as long as you fulfill the qualifications.

Please ask any questions about this policy in the chatbox before purchasing.

Rae’s teaching style is great! I like the bite-sized breakdown of her course modules along with the friendly reminders and personal responses. She broke things down into manageable steps and has helped me eliminate repetitive admin tasks.
— Te Rawhitiroa Bosch, Rawhitiroa Photography

Dubsado had been a steep learning curve for me until I met Rae. She is easy to understand and has several tricks up her sleeve to make things “click” right away. I can’t recommend her enough for all things Dubsado.
— Lauren McFarlane, Roooar Magazine & Lauren June

Finally reap the rewards of getting Dubsado set up.

Dubsado Rockstar’s the only step-by-step course that shows you how to rock your workflow automation, upsell your services, and keep clients on schedule using Dubsado.

Website_ Rockstar Sales Page-min.jpg

 Become a Dubsado Rockstar now.



Immediate access to the course

9 sample workflow templates

Canned emails you can copy

Sanity-saving client management tips

Image size guide & form styling codes

Using Dubsado with QuickBooks, Wave, & Xero tutorial

2 monthly payments of



Immediate access to the course

9 sample workflow templates

Canned emails you can copy

Sanity-saving client management tips

Image size guide & form styling codes

Using Dubsado with QuickBooks, Wave, & Xero tutorial

1 payment of





+ Do you work for Dubsado?

I am Dubsado expert and an active participant in the community. I am not affiliated with Dubsado.

I'm an operations strategist who specializes in client management. To your benefit, I'll:

  • Help you with the tech side of Dubsado and provide strategies to streamline your workflows.
  • Show you how Dubsado can "fit" into your business as a whole and in partnership with other apps.
  • Share tips for discretely reinforcing boundaries, keeping clients on schedule, and reducing endless emails.

+ Is this course for beginners only?

Dubsado Rockstar is great for absolute beginners, but also fairly confident users who haven't felt Dubsado's big magic yet. Students on both ends of the spectrum have been thrilled with their results.

+ What workflows are included?

Dubsado Rockstar includes 9 general workflow templates that can used for just about any industry. They need to be customized to fit your preferences and industry-specific needs, which is shown in the course.

+ Any other costs associated with this course?

Dubsado costs between $30-$35 per month and pays for itself between other subscriptions you can cancel and time you'll save. The key is to use Dubsado to its full potential, which I show you in Dubsado Rockstar.

+ Do you have a Dubsado coupon code I can use?

Use my coupon code "producitveco" to save 20% off your first paid month or year when your 3-client trial expires.

Just so you know, the code is an affiliate link and I'll receive a small, one-time reward at no extra cost to you.

+ Will this course help with my product-based business?

No. Dubsado is designed for service-based businesses and, therefore, Dubsado Rockstar is as well.

+ Have a different question about Dubsado Rockstar?

Send a quick email and I'll reply right away. Contact here.