Dubsado courses, setup, workflows, & training along with tips for running your service-based business efficiently.

Dubsado Workflow Strategy

Done-for-you workflow strategy for DIY setup.

Rae Targos, Dubsado workflow planning headshot.

Setting up Dubsado makes a lot more sense when you know what your workflows are. That’s because they act as the blueprint for what goes into your account.

If you have no idea what your workflows are, you are not alone.

I, myself, struggled with Dubsado for months because I was missing this key piece.

My Workflow Strategy service covers the crucial planning portion of your system, paving a clear path for your Dubsado account setup.

Workflow Strategy is for you if…

  • You want someone to help you figure out what your workflows are, create a workflow strategy, and translate them for Dubsado.

  • You feel capable of creating forms and emails with some assistance.

  • You want a happy medium between DIY and done-for-you support.

  • You've unsuccessfully used Dubsado for 3+ months.


What’s Included

  • 30 canned email templates

  • Suggestions to increase conversion, simplify onboarding, improve client experience, & set boundaries

  • Strategies to streamline your client management system, so you have fewer manual tasks

  • Clarification of Dubsado features & how to use them in your business

  • Links to other helpful resources

  • 1 Workflow Questionnaire

  • 1 60-minute Workflow Strategy call to map out your ideal workflows

  • Unlimited workflows per strategy call with 2 rounds of revision

  • Workflows written in the exact language needed for Dubsado

  • Easy instructions for setting up your account



How it Works

timeline: ~1 week to finalize workflow strategy & share instructions

Dubsado Workflow Strategy Step 1
  • Have Discovery Call

  • Sign contract, pay invoice

  • Book Strategy Call

Dubsado Workflow Strategy Step 2
  • Workflow Questionnaire

  • 60-minute Workflow Strategy call

Dubsado Workflow Strategy Step 3
  • Review, revise, and finalize workflows

  • Canned emails templates and workflow instructions

Dubsado Workflow Strategy Step 4
  • You create templates, assemble workflows, and test your system

  • Begin using new system




$300 per brand


Book a Discovery Call

Let’s meet for a 20-minute video call to see if we are a good fit.

As soon as you’ve scheduled a call, you’ll receive my services guide and a confirmation email.



Frequently Asked Questions


+ Will my entire system be automated?

No. Automation are a part of workflows, but there will always be some tasks that need to be completed manually.

Also, you have the option to limit automation if you want to add personal touches in each step of your workflows.

+ Can't I just use a workflow template?

Yes and no. I'm a big advocate for templates -- they save a lot of time and can provide a great headstart. I use them often.

At the same time, templates are generalized and require customization to fit individual business needs. This includes finer details like when exactly an action should happen (ex: should the proposal go out immediatley after the discovery call or wait until the client gives "the go-ahead"?) and what's included in each step of a workflow (ex: which service offerings get Payment Plan A and when is each installment is due?).

The value in the service is those finer details. It's what will take you from "to do" to "done" with your system.

+ How is this different to the Dubsado Setup service?

Workflow Strategy is the first part of Full Dubsado Setup. In Workflow Strategy, I write out your workflows in the language you need for Dubsado and tell you exactly what templates to create, then you do the implementation.

+ Can I upgrade this service later?

Yes. If you eventually decide to outsource implementation, we can pro-rate Full Dubsado Setup.