7 Dubsado Features that Will Impress Your Clients

Clients are the heart and soul of your service-based business. Without them, you wouldn’t have income or be in business. That’s why you want to treat them with the very best care you can.

One of the ways you can improve their client experience is with a solid client management system. I use Dubsado as my CRM and it has truly impressed my clients time and time again.

Paying attention to the little details will be what sets your services apart from someone else offering the same packages. Dubsado makes it easy for me to elevate my clients’ experiences because:

A. It has several features that are convenient for the client.

B. It allows for customization to make clients feel extra special.

These Dubsado Features Will Impress Your Clients

Impress your clients with these 7 Dubsado features: client portals, banners, contract signing, automatic payments, and more.

1. Client Portals and Portal Banners

You’ll look like the polished professional you are with client portals that are branded to your business. You can add your brand colors and your logo. You can even make your clients feel extra special by creating unique portal banners for EACH of your clients.

What’s great about this feature is that you don’t have to upload a unique portal banner for each client if you don’t want to. You can upload one branded to your company to use as a default.

Furthermore, your clients will love having all of their documents in ONE place. They’ll see their email conversations with you, task boards, links, contracts, invoices, and other documents.

2. E-Signatures

Not only can you create and send contracts in Dubsado, you and your client can sign them, too.  

When I first started my business, I was using a 3rd party software for contract signing. It worked just fine, but I needed to pay for a subscription and spend time adding the signature fields to each new contract. It never looked that professional and I had to send my clients to several sites in order to onboard them.

Dubsado saves my clients from having to jump around different software and has super simple contract signing features. You’ll also get your contracts signed faster because your clients won’t have to deal with printing off documents, signing them, uploading them and then emailing them.

Learn how to countersign a contract in 15 seconds or less here.

3. Recurring Payments

If you have retainer clients who pay the same fee each month, you can have them sign up for recurring payments. Manually paying their invoice is one less thing they’ll have to do; one less thing to think about. And you’ll have the comfort of knowing you’ll be paid on time every single month. Win-win!

Want a free step-by-step guide to build out your Dubsado CRM? 

4. Mobile Friendly

In this day and age, having a mobile-friendly software is very important. I personally become frustrated when website doesn’t conform to the size of my phone screen. It’s certainly not the end of the world, but it’s just that much more convenient to have text that’s large enough to read without zooming in a ton.

With Dubsado, your clients will always have a portal that fits to their mobile device.

When your clients are on the go, they’ll love being able to quickly access anything they need from their client portal and the ability to pay their invoices.

5. Downloadable Documents

Any documents you create inside Dubsado are downloadable. All your clients have to do is open a document and hit “Download PDF” in the upper right corner. It makes receipt-keeping simple and convenient for them and for you, too.

6. Multiple Payment Options

With Dubsado, you can choose to connect Paypal, Stripe, and Square to receive payments.

I personally use Stripe only, but my clients still have the ability to pay a few different ways. They can choose to pay with credit or ACH transfer (think e-check). If you connect Paypal, they’ll have the option to pay via credit card or with funds from their Paypal account.

Because Dubsado rocks, you can disable some of those options if you want. If you choose to leave them enabled, your clients will have the ability make the form of payment most convenient to them.

7. Pick and Choose Packages

You can create many different types of proposals in Dubsado. One of the options to to create different packages for your services and then allow the client to choose which one(s) they want.

You can enable the ability to choose multiple quantities (i.e. 50/75/100 copies of photos) as well as the option to choose multiple services (i.e. engagement photos and wedding photos).

This will help them customize the service they want (and it gives you a chance to upsell your services!).

Your clients will enjoy having an interactive proposal and make you look extra savvy.

Client experience is a very important part of your service-based business. You want to do whatever you can in order to make your clients lives easier and feel like VIPs. Dubsado’s features were built with clients in mind. Dubsado makes it easy for you to impress your clients with many awesome features. If you'd like to give Dubsado a try, you'll get a free 3-client trial that never expires. Sign up here and use my referral code “productiveco” for 20% off your first month or year.*

What have you done to improve client experience? Share below.



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