Save Time with Question Mapping in Dubsado

As a service-based business owner, you wear a lot of hats. There’s always more to do than there are hours in the day. Being able to simplify, outsource, and automate are key factors to success.

That’s why we love Dubsado’s Question Mapping feature. It’s a virtual genie for your business.

Question mapping is a Dubsado feature that will help you save time by taking answers from one place and storing a duplicate copy in another place. For example, a form might ask your client what their name is and the "map" their name to the address book. Find out how to set up question mapping.

Question mapping is an automation tool that allows you to take answers from a question and “map” them somewhere else. You can use question mapping in Dubsado on all forms:

  1. Contracts

  2. Sub-Agreements

  3. Questionnaires

  4. Proposals

  5. Lead Captures

For example, the contact form on your website (Dubsado calls these “lead captures”) has form fields such as “first name,” “ last name,” “email address,” etc. If a lead comes to your website, they will fill out those fields. Upon submission, that form and those answers will live inside of a new document in Dubsado.

With question mapping, you can take those answers, duplicate them, and store them in the address book and the client’s file.

Why Do I Want Question Mapping?

Simply put, it’ll save you time. It will also be more convenient for your clients.


Let me explain.

Taking from the example above, the lead capture collects the lead’s first name, last name, email address, and message. The lead capture will store the information.

Right now, that’s the only place that information is stored.

That means you’d manually have to add their name and email to your address book and file.

Manual tasks = more work for you.

With question mapping, you can have these tasks automated.

Now, let’s take it one step further.

Perhaps you want to find out more information out about this lead, so you send them a questionnaire after you’ve mapped the info from the lead capture. That questionnaire asks for a mailing address, a business address, etc.

Once they’re done with the questionnaire, question mapping will automatically pull that information from the form and store it in your address book and client file.

Once again, your saving time. You don’t have to copy and past the answers or sift through various forms to find them.

However, you’ve got to set up question mapping in order for this to work.

How to Set Up Question Mapping in Dubsado

I’ve created a video tutorial to show you how to set up question mapping and to show you how it works.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Note: Dubsado allows you to add different elements to your forms (images, text, etc.). In order for question mapping to work, you’ll need select the “Short Answer" element. It will not work if you select “Free Response.”

What Can I Map?

Dubsado has several settings for question mapping built in. All you have to do is tell Dubsado to point an answer to one of the fields. You can point answers to these “built in” fields:

  • Client First Name

  • Client Last Name

  • Client Email Address

  • Client Phone Number

  • Alt Contact First Name

  • Alt Contact Last Name

  • Alt Contact Email Address

  • Alt Contact Phone Number

  • Company Name

  • Address line 1

  • Address line 2

  • City

  • State/ Province

  • Country

  • Job Address line 1

  • Job Address line 2

  • Job City

  • Job State / Province

  • Job Zip / Postal

  • Job Country

Ready to enjoy all of Dubsado's time-saving features?

Dubsado’s Custom Mapped Fields

Dubsado loves giving its users flexibility and that’s why we now have the option to create our own custom mapped fields. We are no longer limited to the built in maps.

The possibilities are endless! Check out how to set up custom mapped fields here.

Dubsado’s Smart Fields

Dubsado has another feature called Smart Fields. To be clear, question mapping and smart fields are different. However, they are interlinked.

Smart fields are an auto-fill feature that helps personalize documents.

Instead of taking the time to write out each of your clients’ names and addresses on every form, contract, or canned email, you can use a short line of code. However, the client will not see that code. Instead, they will see what the code puts there.

Here’s an example of a smart field from the service provider viewpoint:

Here’s what the client will see from their viewpoint:

Now this is where the two are interlinked: you can take the answers from question mapping to use in smart fields.

Yes, as long as you use a “built in” question mapping field, you can use smart fields to pull the answers into a document.

For example, a lead capture maps the name Betty Crocker. “Betty” is mapped as the first name and “Crocker” is mapped as the last name. Now you want to send a canned email that starts with the greeting, “Good morning, Betty.” You don’t actually need to type “Betty” in. You can use a smart field code and Betty’s name will auto-fill.

Now if you take the same canned email and send it from your other client’s account. This client is, Michael Jordan. Michael’s first name will appear in the email (and not Betty’s)

How amazing is that?

Question mapping basically takes outside information into the right "home" in Dubsado, while smart fields take information already in Dubsado and sends it outbound (sent via form or email to the client).

I hope this article cleared up question mapping if you didn’t understand it. And if you didn’t even know question mapping existed, I hope it saves you a lot of time moving forward!

Are you going to use custom mapped fields? What kind of things will you be mapping? Share in the comments below.

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