Getting Started in Dubsado: Basic Settings

I’m so happy you’ve joined Dubsado! This tool is incredibly powerful and has the ability to transform the client management arm of your service-based business. You know, the very thing that makes a service-based business.

Start with the basics. Start with your settings.

Get started using Dubsado today by getting your settings selected in the next 20 minutes.

Here’s a video to help you navigate Dubsado’s* settings.

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Items covered in Settings

  • Branding

  • Dashboard

  • Portal

    • Add your brand colors and portal banners

  • Multi-Users

    • Add users and group them into teams. Choose the level of access you want to give each user.

  • International Settings

    • Time zones and currencies

  • Receive Money

    • Hook up your payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, Square)

    • Choose to accept gratuity

    • Customize your invoices

  • Calendar

    • Sync multiple calendars! Choose whether you want to:

      • Import synced calendar events into Dubsado's dashboard

      • Export Dubsado's calendar into synced calendar

  • Emails

    • Connect your email and enable / disable the tracking pixel. This will allow you to track if emails have been opened or not.

  • Integrations

    • API keys (for Zapier, etc.)

    • CloudSpot*

    • QuickBooks

  • Domain Names

    • This is where you set up white-labeling. Add a favicon and more.

    • This feature is optional.

  • Custom Mapped Fields

    • Custom mapped fields are optional. Don’t worry about these if you are technologically challenged.

  • General Settings

    • Date Conflicts

    • Appointment Scheduler Conflicts

You can have all of these Dubsado settings completed in 15-20 minutes and you’ll be ready to start mapping out your workflows.

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