Dubsado courses, setup, workflows, & training along with tips for running your service-based business efficiently.

Full Dubsado Setup

A done-for-you setup service with training.

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Dubsado has the potential to improve your efficiency and reduce your small business owner stress, but only if it’s set up properly.

From “new lead” to “offboarding,” this service is designed to smooth out your client management system from head-to-toe with the help of Dubsado. I create a systems where:

  • Payment, appointment, and homework reminders run on autopilot.

  • You’ll be able to escape your inbox, book clients more quickly, and have space to make progress in your business.

  • Boundaries and client expectations are clearly communicated, so projects stay on schedule and within scope.

  • Dubsado’s potential is optimized to serve your unique needs with organization, templates, and workflow automation.

  • And so much more.

Full Dubsado Setup IS FOR YOU IF…

  • You want outsource Dubsado setup entirely, so you can focus on your zone of genius.

  • You want savvy top-to-bottom workflows set up by Dubsado specialist and not just “good enough” ones you set up from DIYing.

  • You want support to flow smoothly between Dubsado and other software tools.

  • You want to provide an elevated client experience and have a system that discretely keeps clients on schedule.

  • You've been in business over 1 year or have grown faster than you can keep up with.

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What’s Included

  • Unlimited Dubsado workflows*

  • Setup of all components: Form / canned email / scheduler / etc. templates, statuses, tags, referral sources, etc.

  • Consistent branding and stunning form design

  • 2 60-min video calls: Workflow Strategy & Handover

  • Step-by-step guidance from a Dubsado specialist throughout the process

  • Mandatory video training, so you can confidently use your new system by yourself

  • 2 weeks of post-setup support (video training must be completed)

  • Suggestions to increase conversion, simplify onboarding, improve client experience, & set boundaries

  • Strategies to streamline your client management system, so you have fewer manual tasks

  • Seamless flow between Dubsado and the other tools you use, so your entire service delivery process is a breeze

  • Option to connect Dubsado with other software using Zapier



How it Works

timeline: 3-5 weeks to complete + 2 weeks of bonus support

Dubsado setup step 1.

Workflow strategy

1 week

  • Workflow Questionnaire

  • 60-min Workflow Strategy call

  • Finalize workflows and plan for setup

Dubsado setup step 2.

The Prep WorK Stage

1-2 weeks

  • Grant access to your accounts

  • Prep Work Checklist

  • Gather template info: contracts, emails, etc.

Dubsado setup step 3

Setup & Training time

1-2 weeks

  • Dubsado setup starts & finishes

  • You complete video training in the client library

Dubsado setup step 4.

perfecting & Support

2 weeks

  • 60-min Handover call

  • Minor revisions / approval

  • 2 weeks of bonus email support (video training must be complete)




$1000 per brand

50% deposit to secure booking, 50% at the beginning of Step 3



Book a Discovery Call

Let’s meet for a 20-minute video call to see if we are a good fit.

As soon as you’ve scheduled a call, you’ll receive my services guide and a confirmation email.



Frequently Asked Questions


+ How much of my time is required?

Expect to set aside 1-2 hours a week during this process. This accounts for both 60-min calls and video training.

Note: To receive 2 weeks of post-setup support, you must complete video training in the client library prior to your Handover call. This is to make sure you know how to use the system you invested in.

+ What if I don’t know what my workflows are?

That's no problem at all. Part of this service involves working together to create your ideal workflows, even if you don't know what workflows are.

+ Will you help with email copy?

Yes, I’ll write the first draft of your emails. You are welcome to make any edits you'd like.

+ What is Zapier and what does it do?

Zapier is an app that creates intregrations between 2 or more software. We can add clients in Dubsado to your email list, etc. I will assess your needs and suggest any "zaps" that would be beneficial for your system.

+ What if I don't want to use Dubsado's scheduler?

That's perfectly fine. I can integrate any 3rd party scheduler into your Dubsado setup.

+ Will you help me migrate from another system?

Dubsado offers white glove migration to anyone on a paid plan. This is beneficial to you because it's free! I can send you more infomation about this service if needed.



*This service includes as many workflows as we can cover during our Workflow Strategy call. 100% of Productive Co. clients thus far have only needed one call.