How to Add a Discount in Dubsado

You can have the most amazing talent and skills in the world, but without clients you would be without business. 

They are really important and we should treat them like the VIPs they are. 

While there are many ways to enhance client experience, one of the simplest ways is to give your clients a discount.

Reasons to offer discounts

  • Holiday promotions

  • Customer appreciation

  • Referral bonuses

  • Close friend or family rate

  • Bulk pricing

You can add discounts two different way in Dubsado.

How to add a discount in Dubsado in two different ways. Add a discount to your invoices and get a coupon code for Dubsado to use on yourself!

Ways to offer discounts

  1. Manually (best for one-off discounts)

  2. Using Dubsado's Packages feature

And with the Option 2, you can add discounts in 2 ways.

Add Discounts to Packages

  1. As a standalone package

  2. Inside a package with multiple line items

Watch this video to learn how you can add discounts in Dubsado:

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Why do you offer your customers discounts? Share below.

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