The Best Way to Tackle Dubsado Setup

The way you approach Dubsado setup makes all the difference.

Yes, yes it does.

I know this far too well.

I struggled to use Dubsado for 7 months. Yes, 7! In that time, I only used it as an invoicing and payment collection system.

When I discovered Dubsado, it was my knight in shining CRM-armor.  It was exactly what I had been looking for and the price was so right. Filled with excitement, I began filling out my account as fast as my fingers could type.

Tackle Dubsado with a Dubsado Setup Plan for Asana, Trello, or Word, map out your processes, understand workflows, and map out your processes. Have a project plan for Dubsado setup.

I did so without understanding what workflows or other components were. I didn’t go through Dubsado’s knowledge base, book a call with Cameron (Dubsado’s resident “walkthrough” guy), or attend one of Dubsado’s weekly webinars. I had no plan of attack.

I threw caution into the wind and haphazardly built out my account. 

And it was a disaster. None of my pieces fit together and I had to circle around to find elements I was missing.

I stuck it out, however, because I knew Dubsado was exactly what I needed. Also, every robust software has a learning curve. Every single one. When a software is robust and has a lot of capabilities, that means there are more moving parts. I knew it would pay off to learn Dubsado.

I eventually figured it out and I began seeing others make the same mistakes I had. Most of them were things that should have happened before touching Dubsado.

Yes, there are steps you need to take before building out Dubsado.

Lucky for you, you can learn from our mistakes.  Here’s are best practices for tackling Dubsado setup:

1. Understand What Workflows Are

The hallmark feature of Dubsado is called “workflows.” Workflows are where nearly all of Dubsado's automation features take place.

A workflow is a series of actions that need to take place between you and a client.  

Each services you provide should have at least 1 workflow. That's because each service you offer requires different interactions and tasks, even if they are only slightly different.

With Dubsado, you can automate many of the actions in a workflow. If automation doesn’t give you the kind of control you want, you can keep it as manual as you want, too.

A Dubsado workflow is essentially a checklist. It tells you what to do next or does it for you (automation).

2. Map Out Your Processes (workflows: Part 1)

You should grab a pen and paper or use a flowchart software and write out every step in your customer journey for each service. You should do this before building out Dubsado’s Templates tab.

Each service for your business has its own unique process -- different emails, forms, actions, etc.

For example, are you sending an invoice with a contract, sending separately, or billing at the end? Map out these processes.

Ready to map out your processes & get an overview of Dubsado setup?

3. Never Skip Step 2

I repeat: Never skip Step 2. Always map out your processes for each service before you assemble a workflow our build out the Templates tab.

Your mapped out processes will become the guide for your workflows in Dubsado. (Note: there may be parts of your process you need to do outside of Dubsado and that’s okay. You still need to have a picture of everything in your client/service-provider relationship.)

Assembling a workflow without writing out what needs to go in it is a recipe for disaster.

Most people who get stuck, skip this step. I know going into Dubsado makes you feel like a kid in a virtual candy store, but you must show some self control. Only fill out Dubsado after you’ve mapped out your processes.

You have been warned.

4. Stay Organized

Create a folder for each of your services.

Go through your process maps and gather emails, forms, welcome packets, contracts, questionnaires, etc. If you have a contact form (Dubsado calls these “lead captures”), write down what information you want to collect. Then store these documents or components in those folders.

When you go into Dubsado, you’ll be able to build out one service at a time with the information at your fingertips.

Failing to do this will result in disorganized chaos. Why? You will go in and out of Dubsado several times, searching for the components you need. You’ll eventually have 20 tabs open on your web browser and this can all be avoided by using folders.

Another pro organization tip: Give a title to your emails. This could be “Follow Up - Social Media” or “[SOCIAL MEDIA] Follow Up,” etc. Dubsado has a feature that allows you to have an internal title different from an email’s subject line. This means your clients won’t see it. When you compose workflows or need to send an email, it’ll be so much easier for you to find if they are clearly labeled.

Then, go back into your process map and put the title of your emails where they belong.

5. Have a Plan

Don’t haphazardly build out each tab or element in Dubsado. Create a master checklist of all the tasks you need to build out your account.

You can use your favorite project management software or create a good old fashioned checklist. It doesn’t matter what tool you use here, just that you way to keep track of all the moving parts. There are a lot of them, but remember, it’s because Dubsado can do a lot (and that's a good thing).

If you don’t know where to start or don’t know all you need to do, The Dubsado Setup Plan was created with you in mind. It’s a game plan (a project plan) for Dubsado setup.

It’s been adapted to fit Asana, Trello, and Word (for those who don’t use the other two). It lists all the steps (big and small) you need to take in order to set up Dubsado. Yes, the order you set up Dubsado matters, too. Learn more about The Dubsado Setup Plan here.


Dubsado can change the way you do business for the better, but only after it’s set up. Too many people are tackling Dubsado setup without a plan. If you want a quick and fuss-free Dubsado setup process, you need to handle it with care. Understand what workflows are, map out your processes, get organized, and have a master checklist to stay organized.

The order you set up Dubsado matters and there are a lot of little pieces you don’t want to oversee. If you don’t know what steps to take and want to bypass figuring it out on your own, I recommend get a Dubsado Setup Plan available in Asana, Trello, and Word formats. DIYing Dubsado doesn’t mean you have to go it alone -- you can learn from the mistakes of those who came before you. Are you ready?

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