How to Set Up Your Brand Settings Tab in Dubsado

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Let’s go over your basic account setup in Dubsado. This should only take a few minutes and then you’ll have several customizations built out on your account.

How to Set Up Your Brand Settings Tab in Dubsado Video. This is for basic account setup with client portal colors, payment gateways, email and calendar hookups, etc.

After you login, you’ll access the Brand Settings tab by clicking on the upper right corner of the page. If you've uploaded a logo already, you will click on the logo. From there, you’ll select Brand Settings from the dropdown box.

There will be several tabs inside of Brand Settings. Watch this video for further explanation of each tab:

Here's what's covered in the video:


  • Upload your logo

  • Select a brand color for form/link buttons

  • Business name

  • Business email address

  • Business address


One of Dubsado’s most impressive features is Client Portals. You’ll be able to easily organize your clients’ files, information, and communication in each client’s portal. However, Dubsado didn’t stop there: they also allow you to customize the portal to show off your brand.

  • Create (with the option to hide) a client portal welcome message

  • Option to upload a logo that is only for client portals (with the option to hide the logo, too)

  • Portal banners for desktop and mobile

  • Portal brand colors

You can access the link to your client portal login page in this tab. This means you can share the link with your clients or link to the client portal login from your website.

You can also grab the code for client portal logins in this tab. If you prefer to embed the portal login on a webpage (versus linking to it), use the code here.


No need to use this tab if you are a solopreneur.

In this tab, you can add users to your Dubsado account. You’ll each have your own unique login and the option to limit what each user has access to.

There are the 3 options:


They will only have access to the jobs you assign them. Dubsado provides you the option to give each basic user access to contracts, invoices, and templates.

That means if you want to keep your contracts, invoices, and templates private, you can!


This option only gives access to the subtabs inside the Bookkeeping tab: Invoices, Transactions, Chart of Accounts, and Reports.


Admins will have full access to everything within your brand.

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No need to use this tab if you are a solopreneur, either.

Once you add users to your account, you have the option to group them into teams. Instead of assigning tasks to a specific user, you can assign tasks to a team. For example, you can have a design team or social media team.

International Settings

  • Time zone

  • Locale settings (choose your language and country to match date formatting and currency)

    • As of June 2019, you can only bill in 1 currency

  • Option to override your country’s default currency symbol

Receive Money

In International Settings, you choose how your text will format (date and currency). In this tab, you select how you want to receive money.

  • Choose country and currency

  • Connect Stripe, Paypal, and/or Square

  • Allow/disallow tipping (see video tutorial below)


You can integrate QuickBooks in this tab. The only version of QuickBooks that integrates with Dubsado is QuickBooks Online.


Dubsado will store all emails you send from you Dubsado account once this section is set up. The best part? These emails will be delivered with your business email address (i.e.



Dubsado offers what is known as white labeling. White labeling is when you use a product or service, but have the capability to rebrand it as if it’s your own. Instead of having a client login page with, I’m able to send my clients to This helps me (and will help you) create more authority with your brand.

  • Custom URL mapping (this means you get to create your own domain name)

  • URL meta (for labeling in browsers)

    • Page title

    • Page description

    • Preview image

    • Favicon image


These are all the features inside of Dubsado’s Brand Settings. While this list is fairly long, it’s possible to have all of the features set up in 15 minutes.

Dubsado’s Brand Settings tab is your first step toward customizing your account to match your unique business.

I’d love for you to show off your brand here. Once you customize your client portal, take a screenshot and share an image of it in the comments below.

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