Quick & Easy Dubsado Walkthrough

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Update - August 2018: Dubsado has made a massive update with a brand new interface and added features. Some of the items in this post have changed locations. An updated video has been added below.

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I want your setup to be as easy as possible (and you probably want that, too).  After all, you’ve got a business to run.

The goal here is to have you spend less time running your business, so you can spend more time taking care of your clients and increasing your profits.

A Quick & Easy Dubsado Walkthrough Video. Take a tour of Dubsado in this tutorial.

After you create your account, you’ll want to get familiar with your Dubsado dashboard (also known as your Dubsado interface). The video tutorial below gives you a quick and easy visual demo of the software. Watch for more detail.

Here’s a Dubsado walkthrough:

Here’s an overview of Dubsado sections mentioned in the tour:


  • Calendar snapshot of the upcoming week

  • To-do list

  • Unread alerts

  • Add a new lead or job

  • Financial overview

Access your inbox and notifications from any page in your Dubsado account. These two icons are in the upper right corner next to your logo.



  • Access all your prospective clients

  • Add/edit lead statuses (lead funnel labels)


  • Access all paying/contracted clients

Reporting (Formerly Bookkeeping)

  • Project Sources (Referral Sources)

  • Project Breakdown

  • Invoices

  • Transactions

  • Chart of accounts

  • Reports

Each of these pages have search filters to assist you in finding exactly what you’re looking for.


  • Integrate your calendar (for example, my Google Calendar is integrated)

  • Add a job, appointment, or task to your calendar


  • Access your tasks

  • See all tasks

  • Access task boards

Utilities (Formerly Form List)

Form List

On this page, you can see a list of every form you’ve ever sent.

Address Book

  • Find clients with search filters

  • Option to import, export, and add clients on this page

  • Bonus: add your client's image or logo

Grab a copy of The Dubsado Blueprint here to get set up in an organized way.

Time Tracker

  • Record and apply time to a specific job

  • View what times have been invoiced and what still needs to be



Create different schedulers for your appointment setting needs.


  • Contracts

  • Sub-Agreements

  • Questionnaires

  • Proposals

  • Lead Captures

Create a form in the wrong place? No problem -- find out how to fix that here.

Canned Emails


In this section, you can create packages for each of your services. You can add these to your proposals and/or add these to your invoices.


Select whether invoices should be addressed to the client by personal name or business name.

Dubsado will start your invoices at #1. If you want to change the number your invoices start at, watch the video tutorial below for instructions.

Tax Items

Add sales tax, VAT, etc. to appear on your invoices here.


Build out step-by-step to-dos for all of your processes. You can think of your processes as your services. 

Payment Schedules

Determine when and how much you’d like your clients to pay.

In this section, you’ll determine if you want to break up one bill into small weekly/monthly payments or if you want to collect the full price at once.

You can make these unique to each of your services.

Custom Mapped Fields

Dubsado has a feature that allows you to capture information in one place and save a copy of that information in another.

For example, your lead capture might ask for the person's name. That name then maps to a new contact in your address book. It knows to add their name from the lead capture into the name field in the address book.

Dubsado has question mapping set up for the following fields:

  • Client First Name

  • Client Last Name

  • Client Email Address

  • Client Phone Number

  • Alt Contact First Name

  • Alt Contact Last Name

  • Alt Contact Email Address

  • Alt Contact Phone Number

  • Company Name

  • Address line 1

  • Address line 2

  • City

  • State/ Province

  • Country

  • Job Address line 1

  • Job Address line 2

  • Job City

  • Job State / Province

  • Job Zip / Postal

  • Job Country

However, Dubsado knows you might want to capture information that's not available with the default mapped fields listed above.

That's why they created a custom mapped fields feature; you can capture any information you'd like.

Learn more about question mapping here.


Now you have an overview of where everything is located inside of Dubsado. You can now easily navigate to all the amazing features Dubsado has to offer.

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What feature are you most excited about?


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