Embed a Dubsado Lead Capture on Your Website

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It’s time to talk about the first point of contact.

In order to get business, you’ve got to get leads. In order to get leads, you’ve got to get in touch somehow.

That’s where lead captures come in.

Dubsado lead captures give you two ways to share them: embed on your site or share a link to Dubsado's site. I show you how to embed a lead capture on your site here.

Lead capture = contact form.

Dubsado is all about flexibility and they allow you capture leads in two different ways:

  1. Link to your lead capture on Dubsado’s site.

  2. Embed your lead capture on your own site.

The first option is great if you don’t have a website yet.

However, if you do have a website, I strongly recommend embedding the lead capture. This will keep your lead on your site and allow you to show off your branding.

See the difference here:

Option 1

Option 2

These are the exact same form. All I’ve done in Option 2 is embed the form on my site and design my web page to look exactly how I want.

Ready to embed your lead capture? Watch the video below to find out how.

That’s all it takes to put a lead capture on your website. You’ll be able to capture new leads in your Dubsado address book without every having to manually enter contact information again!

Have you embedded a lead capture already? Take a screenshot and share below.

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