How to Customize Your Invoice Templates in Dubsado

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Dubsado is a highly flexible, customizable software.

This gives you a lot of control over your business and allows you to create custom-tailored client experiences unique to your preferences.

You can make Dubsado work how you see best fit.

How great is that?

Invoices are no exception -- you can customize those, too.

Customize your invoice templates in Dubsado quickly. These changes will appear on every invoice.

Before I show you how to do that, did you know that Dubsado invoicing can save you a lot of money? Read more about that here in #3.

Dubsado is a company that puts its users first. They’ll never charge you extra fees; you simply pay for your subscription.

Dubsado only charges you a subscription, whereas most CRM and invoicing software charge a subscription + a percentage of your success.

This is just another reason to swoon over Dubsado, but I digress.

Customize Your Invoices

Have late payment fees you want to remind your clients about? Want to express your appreciation for your clients on every invoice? You can do all of that and more on your invoices.

Watch the tutorial below to see how to customize your invoice templates in Dubsado.

[Update - August 2018: Dubsado made a large interface update and the location of invoice templates has moved. 

To customize your invoice templates:

  • Click the cogwheel on the upper right corner of the interface

  • Select "Receive Money"

  • Select "Invoices"

Thank you]

Customize Your Starting Number

Dubsado numbers all invoices you send out. All new users start at #1. Whether you want to pick up your invoicing where you left off or want to appear like a seasoned professional, watch the video below to learn how to change the invoice number.

That’s all it takes to customize your invoice templates. These steps are easy to execute and you’ll have your invoices templates perfected in no time.

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What are you adding to your invoices? Share below.


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