Dubsado courses, setup, workflows, & training along with tips for running your service-based business efficiently.
 Dubsado setup plan for Trello, Asana, and Word.

Feeling overwhelmed & disorganized in your Dubasdo setup? 

 Dubsado's homepage. When you go to set up, you'll want to make sure you take all the right steps to get workflows, automation, invoices, contracts, and proposals going. That's why you need The Dubsado Setup Plan in the version of your choice: Asana, Trello, or Word.

Constantly flipping back and forth between proposals, packages, forms, etc.?

Wondering how to best tackle Dubsado?

Tired of spending valuable time trying to figure it all out?

I get it -- I've been there, too. 

It really doesn't have to be that way. 

You can be organized & get your CRM up and running in a flash without skipping a beat.

You just need a plan!


Enter the…

 Dubsado Setup Plan for Trello, Asana, and Word

your game plan for Dubsado setup

Whether you're a first-timer, advanced user, or a virtual assistant who offers Dubsado setup, The Dubsado Setup Plan is strategically designed to:

  • Be a clear master project plan, so you never miss a step;

  • Break down setup into small, manageable tasks;

  • Keep you organized and headache-free;

  • Fit every industry and team size;

  • Streamline your setup process, so you can get back to income-generating activities.

And The Plan is a template, so you can reuse it every time you add a new service to your business!

Use Asana or Trello for project management? Perfect. The Dubsado Setup Plan has a version for each.

Use another PM tool or none at all? No problem -- The Plan comes in an Word version, too. 

 The Dubsado Setup Plan give you a project plan, tutorials, a Dubsado Image Size Guide, $20 off Productive Co. consulting services and more!

Every Version Comes With:

  • Immediate access to The Dubsado Setup Plan

  • A video tutorial on how to use The Plan

  • 12 Tips for Dubsado Setup Cheatsheet

  • 15 Dubsado How-To videos

  • A list of complementary tools & resources

  • Updates for life

Let's Not Forget the Bonuses!

  • Current Client Management Plan - migrate your current & former clients to Dubsado with ease

  • Create a Second Brand Plan - use The Dubsado Setup Plan for both your brands or businesses

  • Dubsado Image Size Guide - make sure your images come out perfectly every time

  • $20 off Productive Co. consulting

 Successful freelancer writer and content marketing coach, Brittany Berger, recommends The Dubsado Setup Plan for Trello.

Two Thumbs Up

Dubsado has so many different sections that even as someone who's pretty tech savvy, it was really overwhelming to figure out where to begin. Rae's plan means I can stop getting stuck, backtracking, and redoing things because I don't understand them! Thaaaanks girl!
-- Brittany Berger; BrittanyBerger.com
When you first look at Dubsado, the first question you ask yourself is, "How do I eat this elephant?!" The Dubsado Setup Plan helps break down the Dubsado behemouth into bite-sized chunks, in a clear order that simply makes sense.
-- Mike Glatzer; Mike Glatzer Photography
 Mike Glatzer recommends the Dubsado Setup Plan for Trello, Asana, and Word. 

Say "goodbye" to haphazardly setting up your account and "hello" to an organized plan of attack.

Accelerate your setup with The Dubsado Setup Plan now.

Choose the Perfect Fit

 This is The Dubsado Setup Plan for Asana: a project plan designed to get your Dubsado account up & running in a flash. Get your workflows going now.


$97 value

 This is The Dubsado Setup Plan for Trello: a project plan designed to get your Dubsado account up & running in a flash. Get your workflows going now.


$97 value

 This is The Dubsado Setup Plan for Word: a project plan designed to get your Dubsado account up & running in a flash. Get your workflows going now.


$97 value


+ What do you mean by "project plan"?

The Dubsado Setup Plan is designed to be your master checklist for Dubsado setup: your game plan.

Dubsado can do a lot, therefore, has a lot of moving parts. The Plan was developed to make things simple, keep you organized, and make sure you complete every single piece of the setup pie.

It's given in a specific order to make your setup as straight-forward as possible.

+ What if I don't use Asana or Trello?

That's no problem at all: The Word version is meant for you.

Don't use Word either? That's okay. The Word version works in Google Docs, too.

+ Will this plan teach me to use Dubsado?

The Dubsado Setup Plan comes with several how-to videos and links to articles / resources for using Dubsado. However, it's not a course on how to use Dubsado. If you'd like help with that, check out my consulting services or sign up for my Dubsado setup course waitlist.

The Dubsado Setup Plan is project plan: A comprehensive checklist of all the tasks you need to complete for a fully functional account. The Plan is given to you in a specific order that will simplify and streamline setup.

+ How is this different than The Dubsado Blueprint?

The Dubsado Setup Plan is based on the free download, The Dubsado Blueprint. However, The Blueprint is an overview of setup, while The Plan is a comprehensive to-do list.

The Plan includes every tiny step involved, provides more Dubsado resources, and is formatted to fit the project management tool of your choice: Asana, Trello, or Word.