Dubsado courses, setup, workflows, & training along with tips for running your service-based business efficiently.
Dubsado setup plan for Trello, Asana, and Word.

Quickly conquer your Dubsado setup with a proven action plan & enjoy an efficient client management system that works for you.


Are you feeling overwhelmed with Dubsado setup?

Dubsado's homepage. When you go to set up, you'll want to make sure you take all the right steps to get workflows, automation, invoices, contracts, and proposals going. That's why you need The Dubsado Setup Plan in the version of your choice: Asana, Trello, or Word.

Constantly flipping back and forth between tabs, lost with what to do next?

Tired of guessing how to best tackle Dubsado?

Frustrated with wasting valuable time trying to figure it all out?

You know Dubsado is the client management system you need, but you’re struggling to use it because it’s not fully built out.

You know there’s so much potential inside this tool, but you just haven’t found the keys to unlock it.

I get it. I've been there, too.


Do you dream of…

Putting more energy toward growing your business and less of it acting as the admin assistant?

Having an efficient system that makes client management fun — one that's organized, templated, and automated, too?

Enjoying a tool that does your contract sending, invoicing, and appointment setting for you?

Effortlessly tracking your leads, painlessly onboarding new clients, and getting paid in a snap?


These don't have to be pipe dreams.

It’s all possible with Dubsado!

You just need a clear action plan to get you from “to do” to “done.”


Introducing the…

Dubsado Setup Plan for Trello, Asana, and Word

your strategic step-by-step plan for easy Dubsado setup

The Dubsado Setup Plan uses a tested strategy that makes setup as easy as can be.

Never miss a step, know exactly what to do, and when to do it.

This clear, master checklist breaks down every piece of Dubsado setup into small, manageable tasks.

And you’ll keep track of your progress with your favorite project management tool: Asana, Trello, or Word.

The Dubsado Setup Plan give you a project plan, tutorials, a Dubsado Image Size Guide, $20 off Productive Co. consulting services and more!

Every DuBSado Setup Plan Comes With:

  • Immediate access to all 3 versions of The Dubsado Setup Plan

  • A quick tutorial on how to use The Plan

  • 12 Tips for Dubsado Setup Cheatsheet

  • 15 Dubsado How-To videos

  • A bundle of complementary tools & resources

  • Updates for life


Let's Not Forget the Bonuses!

  • Current Client Management Plan - migrate your clients to Dubsado with ease

  • Create a Second Brand Plan - use The Dubsado Setup Plan for both your businesses

  • Dubsado Image Size Guide - make sure your images come out perfect every time

  • $20 off Productive Co. consulting - get an extra boost from a strategy session with a pro

Successful freelancer writer and content marketing coach, Brittany Berger, recommends The Dubsado Setup Plan for Trello.

Two Thumbs Up

“Dubsado has so many different sections that even as someone who's pretty tech savvy, it was really overwhelming to figure out where to begin. Rae's plan means I can stop getting stuck, backtracking, and redoing things because I don't understand them! Thaaaanks girl!”

-- Brittany Berger; BrittanyBerger.com


“When you first look at Dubsado, the first question you ask yourself is, ‘How do I eat this elephant?!’ The Dubsado Setup Plan helps break down the Dubsado behemouth into bite-sized chunks, in a clear order that simply makes sense.”

-- Mike Glatzer; Mike Glatzer Photography

Mike Glatzer recommends the Dubsado Setup Plan for Trello, Asana, and Word.

The Dubsado Setup Plan Works For…

  • Service-based business owners who want to stop wasting their time with client admin

  • Any industry and team size

  • Complete beginners to advanced Dubsado users

  • People who need to DIY, but want skip the learning curve with a tested framework

Is that you?


Hi, I’m Rae.

I've helped over 150 small business owners create savvy, seamless, and efficient client management systems with Dubsado.

My clients and I love Dubsado because it’s robust — replacing up to 10 software subscriptions!

But because Dubsado can do so much, there are several layers to setup. And that, well, can make one easily overwhelmed.

If there's one thing I know for certain, having a plan cures that.

That’s why I’m sharing my very own templates with you now!

Yep, I use The Dubsado Setup Plan on my own clients, even as an advanced user. It makes setup so much easier!


Say "goodbye" to being stuck in your setup and "hello" to a Dubsado account that works.

Accelerate your setup with The Dubsado Setup Plan

Dubsado Setup Plan mockup kit.

would you like to move your business forward today?

Get your Dubsado Setup Plan now!

$125 value



+ What do you mean by "step-by-step action plan"?

The Dubsado Setup Plan is your master checklist for building out Dubsado.

Dubsado can do a lot which is why it has so many moving parts.

The Plan makes sure you easily:

  1. Stay organized
  2. Complete every single piece of the setup pie
  3. Follow a strategic order - because it makes all the difference!

+ Why use a project management tool for Dubsado setup?

Dubsado setup is a project broken into bite-size tasks. That's why The Dubsado Setup Plan is designed for different project management apps: Asana, Trello, and Word.

Plus, it's fun to monitor your progress!

+ What if I don't use Asana, Trello, or a PM tool?

That's no problem at all if you don't use one of the listed project management tools: The Word version is meant for you.

It works in Google Docs, too.

+Do you work for Dubsado?

No, Productive Co. is not sponsored or associated with Dubsado.

I, Rae, am simply an early adopter and ethusiast of the software, company, and community.

I do receive one-time, $20 commissions for new referrals, which is availble to all users through their affiliate program. You are not required to use any of my affilate links, but doing so helps Productive Co. provide more content.

+ Will this plan teach me how to use Dubsado?

While it does come with several how-to videos and links to resources, The Plan doesn't emphasize how to use the different features in Dubsado.

The Dubsado Setup Plan is an action plan to get Dubsado set up. It that tells you what needs doing and when it's best to do it.

Because Dubsado is like having 10 software in one, this makes sure you complete every single tiny piece in a strategic order that works.

If you need help with how, The Dubsado Setup Plan pairs nicely with Productive Co. consulting services (and you get $20 off!)

Check out Productive Co. consulting services here.