How to Use Dubsado Custom Mapped Fields

Custom mapped fields: What are they and why do you want to use them?

Dubsado’s custom mapped fields are a really handy feature. When you understand how these will benefit you, you’ll jump up and down with excitement.

Dubsado has a number of automation features and custom mapped fields is one of them.

To use them, you first need to understand two things: question mapping and smart fields.

Question mapping and smart fields work hand in hand.

Dubsado custom mapped fields.

Question Mapping

I go over question mapping in detail here. In summary, when your client fills out a form, Dubsado gives you the option to “map” their answer.

For example: A client fills out the contact form on your website (Dubsado calls these lead captures). You ask for their first name, last name, and address.

If you fail to map those fields, those answers will stay on the contact form. If you map them, Dubsado will  “map” their information to their client profile. The client essentially fills out their client profile without knowing it.

Smart Fields

This is an autofill feature. Autofill means automation!

You can smart field items that have been mapped plus the items listed here.

For example: You want to send automated invoice reminders to all of your clients. You’ll send these via email.

Normally, you’d have to personalize every email and manually send them out, but with smart fields, you simply add a little code that tells Dubsado what to fill in.

{{}} will put the client’s whole name.

{{client.firstname}} will put the client’s first name.

Smart fields are really useful because it saves you from having to type things out, but it also means you can automate more. You can automate sending out email reminders, but still have the emails personalized.

Custom Mapped Fields

Dubsado has a list of items they can map.

Remember, you can use smart fields on anything that has been mapped.

So what do you do if you need smart fields for an item that’s not on the list? You create a custom mapped field!

You can use custom mapped fields on two different types of questions: short answer or calendar date.

Obviously, you’ll use a calendar date when you need to mapped a date and short answer for everything else.

There are two types of custom mapped fields: job mapped fields and client mapped fields.

Job Mapped Fields

In Dubsado, a job is the project you’ve been hired for (side note: a job can also mean a booked client). If you create a job mapped field, this means the information will stay inside the corresponding job folder.

You should use job mapped fields when you want collect information about the project.

For example: The location of an event.

Client Mapped Fields

In Dubsado, a single client can have multiple jobs. Let me repeat that because it’s important: A single client can have multiple job folders (projects).

With job mapped fields, the information stays inside of one job. With client mapped fields, the information “travels” with the client regardless of how many jobs they have.

Use these when you want to collect information about the client.

For example: The client’s YouTube channel.

The client’s YouTube channel isn’t specific to the project you’re being hired for. That is why it makes sense to create a client mapped field.

If you need additional information about custom mapped fields, you can find that here.

How to Set Up Custom Mapped Fields

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to set up custom mapped fields in Dubsado.

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In summary, mapped fields, smart fields, and custom mapped fields might sound challenging, but they are very simple to implement. As a beginner, you’ll definitely want to use mapped fields and smart fields.

Custom mapped fields are entirely optional, but allow more flexibility with mapping. Custom mapped fields can take your Dubsado account to the next level. You’ll be able to use smart fields for anything, which will allow you to automate even more in your process.

If you have any questions about custom mapped fields, pop them down in the comments below.

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