How to Use Dubsado's Smart Fields

So, you want to automate more, manually edit less? I’ve got just the thing you need in Dubsado: smart fields.

Smart fields are a way for you to personalize templates that would normally require manual editing.

We don’t like a lot of admin work! No we don’t.

That’s where smart fields come in. Let’s dive in.

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Why You Want Smart Fields

Instead of pulling out a canned email or contract template and manually adding the client’s name and contact details, Dubsado can automate that for you with their autofill smart fields.

How neat is that?

The best part about this is that smart fields allow you to put even more tasks on autopilot inside Dubsado’s core automation feature: workflows.

Since smart fields are capable of personalizing your behalf, you can automate those steps in your workflows. Automatically send out emails and forms with personalized information added to them.

The more tasks you automate, the less work you do manually.

How to Use Smart Fields

Watch this tutorial to learn how add smart fields to your forms and emails in Dubsado.

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Here’s a full list of items you can smart field.

In Order to Use Smart Fields

Smart fields can autofill information, but only information you’ve already put inside Dubsado. Dubsado can’t fill in your client’s address if you haven’t put the client’s address somewhere in the system in the first place.

But you don’t have to put that information in manually, either. You can use question mapping.

For more information on question mapping, click here.

Now, Dubsado has a list of fields it can map. If you want to map something not on the list, you need to create a custom mapped field first. They work exactly the same as question mapping, but you create the field that gets mapped. More on that here.

You can use smart fields on any items that have been mapped.

Sprinkle smart fields in your Dubsado forms and email templates and you’ll save yourself time on admin.

Smart fields are really simple to use and I strongly suggest you take advantage of them. Smart fields allow you to personalize forms and emails without having to take the time to enter the details manually.

What does this mean? It means you can automate more and you can do so without sounding impersonal. Smart fields will autofill the information for you and you can have the workflow send your forms and emails for you! And nobody has to know your little secret.

Yes. Yes. Yes!!

Are you taking advantage of Dubsado’s smart fields?

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