Set Up Lead Capture Re-Directs in Dubsado

Where are you sending people after they fill out your contact form?

Actually -- where do you want to send them?

I'm asking because Dubsado gives you the flexibility to choose. Dubsado allows you to redirect leads to the URL of your choice once a lead capture (contact form) is submitted.

Send your leads to a custom page once they fill out your Dubsado lead capture (contact form). Show off your branding by re-directing to the URL of your choice.

Dubsado has a default confirmation page that says this:

"Thank you for completing this form, we'll be in touch!"

And it looks like this...

It gets the job done, but it's a bit bland. 

And I know you're not a bland business owner. You are anything, but bland.

Not to worry! Dubsado has another option, allowing you to keep your branding consistent and give you control over your client experience.

When a person submits a lead capture, you can choose what URL to redirect them to.

Where to Redirect Lead Captures

Some places you can redirect after a lead capture are:

  1. Scheduling tool, like Acuity or Calendly (if you don’t use Dubsado’s scheduling tool)

  2. “Thank You" page on your site

  3. Blog

  4. Shop

  5. Portfolio

  6. Welcome packet / brochure

  7. Video intro

  8. Social media links

  9. Newsletter sign up form

Pretty neat, right?

For example, I send my leads to a “Thank You” page:

This has a lot more character and allows for brand consistency.

How to Install Lead Capture Redirects in Dubsado

Watch this quick video tutorial to find out how to set up lead capture redirects in Dubsado:

Don't know how to put the lead capture on your site? Find out how to embed your lead capture here.

Pro tip: Using multiple lead capture forms on your site? You can redirect each lead capture to a different link, too!

This is a small Dubsado feature that can make a big impact on your client experience. Have fun playing around with it.

Where will you redirect your leads to? Share in the comments section.

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