How to Add 3rd Party Links in Dubsado

Dubsado CRM is all about giving YOU control over your client experience.

They love letting you run your business how you see best fit. And we love Dubsado for it.

One of Dubsado's hallmark features is the client portal. This is where your clients can log in and see a dashboard filled with:

  • All of their email communication with you

  • Their profile (name, address, etc.)

  • Access all the documents you send them through Dubsado

    • Contracts

    • Sub-agreements

    • Questionnaires

    • Proposals

    • Task boards

    • Links to 3rd parties (Google Drive docs, albums, etc.)

Add third party links in Dubsado to connect your account to other software, folders, etc. Your clients will be able to access these links from their client portals! Find out how.

Why Would You Use 3rd Party Links?

Your clients will have a better experience if you keep things as simple and effortless for them as possible.

One of the ways to do that is to house everything in one place.

Using Dubsado as the home base, all of your client communication can live there. Your clients won't have open a dozen emails to find the link they need or store the links somewhere else.

All they have to do is login to their client portal and they can quickly access everything from there!

What to Link To

Are you a photographer using Dubsado's CloudSpot integration? This is where your link to CloudSpot will live. 

Not using Dubsado's native invoicing or payment system? You can link to Moonclerk, Kajabi, or any other payment system you are using here. 

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some other things you can link to:

  1. Asana, Trello, ClickUp (project management tools)

  2. Google Drive or Dropbox folders

  3. Online galleries

  4. Pinterest boards (for moodboards - handy for designers, stationers, photographers, etc.)

How to Add 3rd Party Links in Dubsado

You'll need to activate your client's portal in order for them to access the 3rd party links. After that, you need to send your client their login credentials.

(Don't like the idea of a client portal? That's okay. You don't have to activate it. You can email them links to 3rd parties in this case.)

Now you're ready to add your links.

Watch this quick video tutorial and learn how to add third party links to Dubsado.

Other Places You Can Add 3rd Party Links

While it's very handy to house all of your links in the client portal, be aware you can add links other places as well.

You can add links to Dubsado's:

The benefit of adding 3rd party links to your client portal is that you can label them "X Link" or "X Access," etc. Adding them to the documents above instead of as a 3rd party means the client the client will need to do some digging through their documents to find a particular link.

This is just one of the many ways Dubsado allows you to improve client experience. I hope you enjoy this customization feature as well.

Do you have any creative ideas for links to share? Pop your answers in the comments below this post.

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