Best Way to Build Out Forms: Dubsado Blueprint - Step 4

 The best way to build out forms in Dubsado video.

This blog post is part of The Dubsado Blueprint: a free download to help you build out Dubsado like a pro. You can grab the step-by-step guide here.

Dubsado allows you to send forms through links in your emails.

Say goodbye to uploading attachments to your email messages!

Instead, use Dubsado’s form links to direct clients to your documents.

You should have already chosen the color of your buttons and links, but if you haven’t already, go back and do Steps 1 & 2 first.

There are 5 types of forms in Dubsado:


You should use contracts for documents that require signatures. You can only have one contract per job.


Use sub-agreements if you need additional documents that require signatures.


Questionnaires are great for asking questions, but they actually don’t need to ask questions at all.

Dubsado questionnaires are a great place to put any single document that doesn’t require a signature.

This is a great place to create a welcome kit, brochures, etc.


Proposals are unique in that they are for bundled documents.

They can consist of some sort of cover page and then a contract and/or an invoice.

Lead Captures

These are essentially contact forms. You don’t need to worry about creating a lead capture in this step. Just know that when it comes time to create a lead capture, you will find lead captures under Form Templates.

In this video I go over each form more in depth and provide suggestions on how to set them up.


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